Welcome to the Neural Organization Technique -International Professional (N.O.T.-IP) website.

Please check back often as this website will be updated monthly and new practitioners will be listed as they are verified.

An invitation is extended to licensed healthcare providers that are practicing any form of Neural Organization Technique to become a certified practitioner member in Neural Organization Technique.  Membership privileges will include your contact information on the website, listings of future seminars and updated clinical information.

Our goal is to bring forth N.O.T. into the 21st century will new information, updated and simplified steps with a clearer understanding of the core principles and its application. With new electronic media at our disposal, we will be sharing this information with you on a members only page of the website with videos and downloadable information.  The first educational video planned will be a new screening protocol.

Practitioners and prospective practitioners, please follow link to membership application:


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